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Let us help you grow in 2015!

Quality Hiring Assistance at No Cost To You.

SAC On-The-Job Training (OJT) Program

» Get 100% reimbursement for up to 6 months of wages
» Receive pre-screened candidates
» Make final hiring decisions
» Receive paperwork assistance
» Includes Sacramento County Criminal Background check
» Minimize your contract and paperwork process

“The Lao Family Community Development OJT program is my company’s best recruitment tool. The team at LFCD took the time to learn our company needs, and selected candidates that fit our special work environment. Not only does this save me time and money, the support that the LFCD team gives our new employees, helps guarantee their continued success with our company. The OJT program has added to my bottom line while helping us grow a strong, loyal workforce.”

—Dorinda McMillan, Director of Operations
     COO Woodmack Products, Inc.